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"I have a severe case of diabetes which has lead to ulcer sores and gout on my foot.  I've been on medication for so long waiting for my wounds to scab.  After the 1st treatment it was like a major miracle that has advanced my wounds to scab within days.  The service I receive from Cheryl is amazing and she makes me feel at home.  This is my Miracle!"

- Wehilani Ching, Hawaii Kai


"I played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys for 14 years as a Defensive Tackle only missing 1 game; that was a lot of football, conditioning and practices.  During my career I received a lot of physical abuse, particularly my knees and neck.  I've gone through a lot of different types of rehabilitation, including injections, physical therapy and surgeries, but nothing like Phoenix Thera-Lase laser therapy.  I honestly believe that if I had found Phoenix Thera-Lase while I was playing football and had been able to rehab my neck, I would have probably played until I was 40.

I am now 61 years old and continue to be very active.  Conditioning and taking care of my body has always been important to me and I continue to work out.  I own a 20-acre ranch which require a lot of maintenance including taking care of livestock, and since I retired I've become a pretty avid fisherman, I feel a lot of those old injuries, especially in my neck, knees and wrist.  At times I was limited as to what I could do, like roping cattle or working on my tractor and even at times had trouble casting my rod because my wrist was so painful.

Since  started Phoenix Thera-Lase therapy I am able to do all of my daily chores with ease and I've been doing even more fishing than I was able to before.  I continue to be amazed at how good I feel!"

- Randy White, Retired Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys


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